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Talking Trees SHOW PACK - V1 (4 PARTS)

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Let our hilarious talking trees bring your show to life with a family-friendly comedy skit. With a story that unfolds over four parts, Keeping your guest entertained from the moment they arrived until it's time to go.

NOTE- Once downloaded the AUDIO WATERMARK will no longer be heard.

This pack includes all audio as well as sequence files

All sequences can be customized to include your show name or even an intro to the next song contact us today to let us bring your dreams to reality

NOTE - Importing our show packs can be a little different than just buying one sequence from another vendor, because you are getting four sequences in one pack. They all 4 are packed  inside their own show pack zip folder which you FIRST need to unzip, then at that time you can import into Xlights each individual zipped sequence and map to your display as normal. If you need any help don't hesitate to reach out on our contact page.